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Fireworks and dogs, what do you do?

What do you do to help your dog get through the fourth of July? Not sure what it's like in your neighborhood, but here, they are lighting up the sky. Usually this starts a day or two early and will extend a day or two later.

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Feeding raw chicken to dogs, is it safe?

My friend told me that he feeds raw chicken thighs to his dog, said it was safer and better than pellet dog food. I did a bit of searching and found, several people actually do this, does anyone have experience feeding raw chicken to their dogs? Is it better than bagged dog food? Do I need to supplement my dog's diet?

I have a Visla, very act...

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Want to adopt a French Bulldog

I saw a French Bulldog at the shelter today, never seen one their before, usually they cost a lot of money to buy. Anything I should know? Going to visit it today, hopefully she is not already spoken for.

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Smart Siamese Cat?

May sound like a silly question, but I rescued a Siamese cat from the animal shelter, I am amazed, he behaves more like a dog than a cat, super smart. He sticks to my side like a velcro dog, knows where I am going based on the time of day, meows when he wants water, the list goes on and on...

My question, do I have a weird cat or all Siamese cats ...

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Want to adopt an Airdale Terrier

I am looking in the Southern California region, I am willing to drive, looking to adopt an Airdale Terrier, thank you.

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Dogs, Cats, Fish and more...

Having adopted dogs, cats, fish, and many other pets over my lifetime, I am glad to launch Pet Forums to help connect pet owners around the world. I am really excited about the Pet Adoption area as I think there are a lot of pets that need homes.

Looking forward to reading about your experiences, learn about your pets and contribute here on Pet Fo...

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